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~Denver, CO~​

Might my doctor not be on-call for my birth?

Is my newborn supposed to do that?


Whether you need tips on how to have a healthier birth, a more comfortable pregnancy, or a little registry inspiration, hiring a doula will give you easy access to what you need to know. It's like having a personal birth and baby guru! Feel good about your decisions knowing you have the love and support of a doula. Let's get together and chat about how we can make your baby's birthday one of your most memorable moments.

You deserve an easy, comfortable birthing experience and your baby deserves the best start to their precious life. As a doula in Denver, I readily assist you as you easily and comfortably birth your baby, help protect your sacred birthing space, and much more. 

Need help preparing for your birth while sheltering in place?



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Loving Mama Doula's services focus on your comfort and peace of mind during pregnancy and into the early days of parenthood. Add some pampering and preparation into the mix and you're well on your way to being an amazing and empowered parent! 

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As a certified birth doula and a trained Hypno-Doula I provide emotional, physical, and educational support to help you prepare for labor, birth, and the first days with your little one. I love working with all types of families and have a great appreciation for the individuality that every birth holds. I strongly value how important it is to support confidence in the birthing parent, to nurture a nervous partner, and achieve an ideal start to your baby's life. Starting in pregnancy, through birth, and continuing well into parenthood. Any birthing location in the Denver Metro Area is welcome, from home birth to birth center to hospital birth.

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Interested in a personalized meditation or affirmations? Have a personal download made just for you based on what you need during your pregnancy or postpartum period. 

 "Our amazing Doula, Mclean Confer gave us all the support we needed no matter what."

-Katie~Denver, CO

"Without Mclean there my husband and I would have been much more unsettled"

-Ellena~Golden, CO

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