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Crystals for Birth Workers

Crystals for Birth Workers


This crystal set has been tried and true in my own business. After many tweaks to my crystals and intentions, I found one that works wonders for every birth I attend. This set is charged under a full moon, blessed with Reiki energy, and set with a powerful intention.  


While crystals are not intended to replace conventional medicine, they are able to bring protection, positivity, and general good birthing vibes to you and your clients. The more you carry them the more they tune into your personal energy. 


This set includes:

  • Selenite: This high vibration stone encourages a peaceful atmosphere, clarity of mind, balances and stabilizes emotions, dispels negativity
  • Bloodstone: Clarity, decision making, energy-boosting, grounding protecting, keeps out undesirable influences, patience, uplifting, encourages healthy blood loss
  • Unakite: Encourages healthy pregnancy and delivery for clients, coming from a place of love, nurturing, mindfulness, increases patience and resilience, dispels overwhelm
  • Rose Quartz: This high vibration stone lowers stress, soothes, promotes unconditional love, draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes, empathy, aids in positive pregnancy and birth
  • Hematite: Harmonizes mind/body/spirit, grounding, separates your emotions from those around you, creates a protective barrier, confidence, eases mental stress
  • Malachite: Known as the midwives stone, believed to lessen pain during labor, highly protective stone keeps you safe and composed, absorbs negative energies, promotes taking conscious positive action, alleviates anxiety, balances emotions

*Information here is not intended to replace any medical advice. Understand that this is a supporting tool and is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Please continue to consult with your care provider and follow their suggestions for the health and well-being of you and your baby.

*Crystal size, shape, and color vary per set. 

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