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A Doulas Journey to Home Birth: The Due Month

It's due month time! Baby is full term and ready to come anytime. We've been cleared for our home birth since 37 weeks, hooray!

My birthing affirmations are hung, our birth kit is here, my last blood draw has been taken and the results are in. Our midwife has been for our home visit and the freezer is getting full of meals for after baby. After months of nesting, as far as I can tell, everything is ready. Our kiddo seems to be ready to meet the baby and we have all been preparing for our birthing journey as we will all be together as we welcome Baby Fox. Daddy and I even got a date night in!

My Hypnobabies practice hasn't faltered and I have found it to be amazing on days when end of pregnancy discomforts sneak in. I'm sure my husband is losing interest in reading our scripts again and again but I love it when he reads them to me. Our little even helps us practice our Peace Cue, which is so cute and I adore when he does it. They will both be wonderful hypno guides as I enter my birthing time.

As a doula, I have been mentally prepared for baby to join us earth-side anytime (a mental on-call period so to speak) but also have not put any real time frame on the birth. Knowing that birth is anything but predictable and being prepared for a month to six weeks is normal for me. Now enter the rest of the world...with my big belly the comments are flowing freely, people are dying to know when this baby is coming and if it's a boy or a girl and the unknown answers and my laid back approach drive people crazy. A number of people who are close to me are convinced that this baby is coming at any moment and are not afraid to vocalize it. At 39 weeks I honestly think I've still got a week to 10 days to go but won't be shocked if baby comes in the next few days and that's okay. My biggest defense is that I have been using late August/early September as my due time and by not using a date I haven't put an expiration date on my pregnancy. For now, I'll just keep my bubble of peace strong and continue to offer love and support to my clients as they enter into their due month and all the inquiries that come it.



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