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A bit little about me...

My passion for birth started with my own journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. My journey blossomed into a desire to nurture other parents-to-be in all types of birth settings. Training through Birth Arts International, I became a certified birth doula and postpartum doula in Denver, CO. I also continued on to become an official Hypnobabies

Hypno-Doula as well as becoming certified in Rebozo. More recently, I became certified as a Crystal healer and Reiki Master.

My desire to continue to learn about the aspects of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and how I can best serve my clients emotionally, physically, and spiritually is ever present. 

I live in Denver with my husband, two children, and chihuahua. I enjoy supporting ALL types of families with love and respect.



Have you already choosen your birthing class? I have knowledge of many birthing techniques including:

My passion for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum continues into the community. Check out what else I'm up to:

Interested in doing the HypnoBabies Self-Study course? You can purchase it here

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