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Testimonials for

Loving Mama Doula

"You were soooo patient and stood through the whole ordeal. I got the birth I wanted and no one interrupted or bothered me and I know you answered questions in order for that to happen like it did. When I had a question you helped coach me to finding an answer. You followed up with everything I needed, didn't know I needed, and asked for, after the birth." 

Ana-Edgewater, CO

"I will never forget how you were there for me and with me every step of my journey. I found your advice during the last few months of pregnancy helpful; but it was during my week long labor that I realized how necessary you were and it was then that you shined. I was never afraid to call you for advice and help, which in the end made me feel less stressed than I would have been. Through it all I was never worried because you were ALWAYS by my side. I don't think I would have made it to the end without you."


"McLean's calm energy was what I was looking for to encourage the right kind of atmosphere around me at my birthing time. McLean's willingness to stay through 28 hours of labor (including helping me through hours of pushing) and continuously offer suggestions and help for me and my husband was invaluable."


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