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A Doulas Journey To A Home Birth: First Prenatal Visit

Just before Christmas I found out I was expecting our second baby. After calling my husband I called my midwife. We had our first baby at home with her and I knew that was exactly what we would do with this one. With our first baby we started with an OB and changed care so this is the first time I will be starting my care with a midwife. By this time in my first pregnancy with the OB I had had a number of vaginal exams, blood work, and at least one ultrasound. Here is a peek into what my first trimester (I am currently 12 weeks) has looked like with our home birth midwife...

Today was my first visit to my midwife’s office. I adore her and we can talk about birth all day long and because of this our visit went a touch longer than usual but I never felt rushed as we shared stories of the last few years and talk about how our kids are getting so big. My three year old was playing on the floor and chatting with her as well, clearly feeling equally at home. The office is welcoming and doesn't feel clinical (with the exception of the small gray exam table with a pillow on it in the corner). Today, I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time. I had my blood panel taken, blood pressure taken, and my urine checked. My midwife will not see my vagina until my baby is ready to be born, in 6 months. Assuming that my pregnancy remains normal and uneventful, each and every visit with her will be the same; laid back, casual, and around an hour long. Having already worked with her, I know that we are returning to this loving and supportive care knowing that we have chosen care that works best for our family.

Being a doula, birth is a very normal part of my everyday life but most of the birth I see is in a hospital or birth center. I wanted to be able to give my clients and followers a chance to see what home birth looks like in Colorado and how the care varies. So join me as I embark on this journey of growing and birthing my second baby!

Please feel free to send me any questions!

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