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7 Colorado Proud Items I Have For My Postpartum Period

1. Herbal Sitz Bath from Artemisia & Rue- Denver, CO

I love to give this as an after birth gift to my clients to help them heal. There are so many uses for this herbal blend that benefit a postpartum body but my favorite is frozen sitz pads. I filled my jar with this goodness and have made a bag full of pads to hang out in my freezer until I need them. After baby is born I will have my husband make a batch to keep in the fridge and fill my peri bottle with! You do have to go into the store but you may just find some other wonderful goodies in there. Added bonus: I added rose petals to mine so this herbal sitz bath is totally customizable if you would like.

Learn more about the store here

2. Bamboobies- Boulder, CO

These little heart shaped pads were a savior in my early days of nursing with my first. Nothing is more awkward than coming up into warrior pose in a yoga class (totally not a mommy & me class) only to notice that you have a huge wet spot covering your whole right breast. They are washable, insanely soft, absorbent, and thin. They come in a few different colors and you can get overnight pads with a higher absorbency. Added bonus: they often have an opportunity to get a free pair! Buy a pair here.

3. Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray- Fort Collins, CO

I love all of the Motherlove products! I have samples that I give to my clients so naturally they will be a part of my own postpartum health. The sitz bath spray will be helpful in the early days when my homemade sitz bath bottle is empty as I heal. I also have the green salve on hand and use it all the time. They have products that cover everything including breastfeeding, thrush, and hemorrhoids. The products are made with certified organic herbs and the farm they are grown on is local too. Get your bottle here.

Added bonus: The customer service is amazing!!!

4. Boppy Lux Pillow- Golden, CO

Another nursing savior with my first. We had long feeds due to a tongue tie and my Boppy pillow helped me stay comfy. This pillow supports your arms and back helping ease the discomfort that sometimes comes with long and frequent feedings. I love that the uses change as your baby grows up becoming a tummy time aid and a sitting support so it can be a useful tool through your baby’s first year. Get your pillow here.

Added bonus: It’s machine washable and you can buy extra covers.

5. WishGarden Herbs ReBalance- Louisville, CO

Another product I found in my early days of parenthood with my first. This product helps support healthy hormone levels after birth and helps you feel, well, balanced. I have also been using their Sleepy Nights to help me get a full night's sleep during this pregnancy. This company has a number of tinctures and herbal remedies to help you through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. Plus they have free domestic shipping. Added bonus: They have products for the whole family and you can find their top sellers in Natural Grocers and Whole Foods.

These diapers fit most babies from birth to toilet learning! They have tons of cute patterns, snap closure, and you can adjust the absorbency to suit your baby's needs. If you are planning on doing cloth diapers you should check them out! Check out theses cute diapers here.

Added bonus: They also have diaper covers (if pocket or AIO aren’t for you) as well as wool and bamboo options.

7. Boba Wrap- Boulder, CO

A wrap is perfect to keep your new baby, even the preemies, close in the early days when they don’t quite fill out a soft structure carrier,. It’s soft, stretchy, washable, comes in 8 lovely colors (I choose the Organic Dark Gray, get yours here), and it’s breastfeeding friendly. Stretchy wraps like these nourish your baby's need to be held in the fourth trimester while giving you the free hand you need. I am excited to use the Boba 4G and the Boba Air that I recently added to my collection as well. Added bonus: Free shipping is pretty awesome!

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