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Boppy Total Body Pillow: A review

I got this pillow early in my second pregnancy. I hadn’t had a pregnancy pillow in my first pregnancy and I knew it was something I wanted during my second pregnancy. So I set out and did my research and narrowed it down to a few pillows. I am so glad I tried a few because the first pillow I tried was not for me. It was like sleeping with a human sized sausage. Plus it didn’t stay with me through the night making it a big space hog in our family bed, no good. So after a few nights with pillow number one I switched over to the Boppy pillow and was so much happier!

A few things I liked about the Boppy Total Body Pillow:

-It is shaped nicely, no awkward folding to use it under your head or in between your knees

- Works well for left or right side sleeping

-The whole pillow is machine washable and can go in the dryer (just add a tennis ball in a pillowcase to help maintain it’s shape and avoid lumps...brilliant!)

-It is flat, like a pillow. This might seem silly to point out but round body pillows just don’t work for me

-It’s cute!

What I didn’t like:

-The velcro that holds the parts of the pillow would scratch me if it wasn’t perfectly lined up

Honestly I loved this pillow through my whole pregnancy and used it right up to the very last few moments of my pregnancy (or at least until my water broke all over it!). This is a product I will suggest again and again to my friends and clients looking for a pregnancy pillow.



*This is my Amazon affiliate link, when you purchase products I love through my website you also support me. Thanks for supporting me you amazing person you!

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