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A Doulas Journey to Home Birth: 18 Weeks

I am so excited to be going into my 18th week of pregnancy. As pregnancies go, this pregnancy has been pretty mellow so far. I can’t help but compare this pregnancy with my first even though I know that each and every pregnancy is different. It’s been sort of fun comparing things like my emotions, cravings, and how my belly has changed. I don't know if it's my perspective or reality but my stress level about this pregnancy is definitely minimal compared to my first pregnancy. Having birth as an everyday part of my life has given me a different view on pregnancy as a whole. I find myself still eating turkey sandwiches (which I wouldn’t be caught dead doing during my first pregnancy) and I am already making it a point to sit on my ball and fitting squats into my everyday life.

The biggest thing I’ve been facing this time is my sleep. While I have no issue falling asleep at bedtime, I have had some intense dreams that wake me in the early hours of the morning leaving me awake for hours. I am so thankful for WishGarden Sleepy Nights as it has been the only thing to help me sleep through the night again. Plus it’s flavor is just strong enough to mask the flavor of my trace minerals (something I’ve had an aversion to since I got pregnant) so I’ve been able to start getting them back into my diet.

I’ve seen my midwife once since my last post and had a wonderful visit. She sent in an order for my ultrasound and I recently went to get it. It will most likely be the only ultrasound of this pregnancy unless there is a medical reason later on. I went by myself and enjoyed an afternoon to myself. It was wonderful to see the baby despite the baby being a little stubborn with its positioning and not allowing easy measurements or any pictures of it’s face. We’ll just have to wait to meet the little one in person!

As I sit here, balancing on my new green birth ball eating my second string cheese of the day, I can tell you that the biggest change I have made in this pregnancy is my self-care. I always encourage my clients to find the right support team, take a nap, to keep active and it’s been so wonderful to follow my own advice! I am seeing a chiropractor monthly and I have found a yoga practice and workout video that actually enjoy doing. I’ve found ways to boost my protein and my water intake. I love my care provider and will take a birthing class that fits with my desired birth. I hired a birth photographer.

It’s so easy to caught up in the stress and emotions that can come with pregnancy but I am doing everything I can to enjoy this pregnancy and just go with the flow. The time will come to make serious purchases for the baby and make decisions for our family as a family. I am hoping that our laid back approach to this pregnancy will make those decisions and discussions simply fall into the flow with the fun things and become less daunting, because let’s face it, this parenting gig is one adventure after another.



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